Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PCP?

The letters PCP stand for primary care provider.  The PCP is a doctor or nurse practitioner who you choose for all your regular health care.  Your PCP will also arrange for you to see a specialist, get lab tests and go into the hospital, if needed.

Should everyone in my family have the same PCP?

Each family member can have a different PCP.  Or, you can choose one PCP for the whole family.

Will I lose my benefits when I join a plan?

No, you do not lose your Medicaid benefits.  You will receive your Medicaid health benefits through the health plan. 

Does my entire family have to join the same plan?

Each member of your family can join a different plan or you can choose one plan for the whole family.  

Why can’t I change plans?

Your grace period has ended and you must stay in the plan for the next nine months.  If you have an urgent reason for leaving the plan, speak to a New York Medicaid Choice counselor for assistance. 

How do I apply for an exemption?

Call New York Medicaid Choice and ask for an exemption application.  Take the form to your doctor, if needed.  Follow the instructions on the application. 

What is a 90-day grace period?

After you join a plan, you have 90 days to decide if you want to stay with the plan or change plans.  After these 90 days, you must stay with your plan for the next nine months.


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