Getting Care

When and how you start getting care in a plan

After you enroll in a Health Plan or Long Term Care Plan, you will get a confirmation letter from New York Medicaid Choice.  The letter will say when you can start using your plan. If a plan was chosen for you, the letter will have the name of the plan, along with the day you start with the plan.

You will also get a letter from your plan. Your new plan will also send a plan card and member handbook with information about your services.  Your plan’s phone number will be on your plan card.  Call the phone number on the card if you have any questions or need services from your plan.

If you chose a Primary Care Provider (PCP), call your PCP to schedule an appointment. Your PCP will refer you to specialists and to other health services you need. Your PCP’s phone number is on your plan card.

If you chose a Long Term Care Plan, your Care Manager will work with you and anyone you want, to develop your Plan of Care.  During the first 90 days in a Long Term Care Plan, your Care Manager will arrange for you to keep the same services you had before you joined the plan. 

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