New Long Term Care Workshops

NYMC Community Update-August 1, 2012

New York, NYMs. Awilda Martinez-Rodriguez, Project Director at New York Medicaid Choice announced today a new Managed Long Term Care workshop for local health care providers, community-based organizations, and agencies providing long term care services. The workshop was developed to inform providers about a new Medicaid Program policy requiring Medicaid consumers who are age 21 and older and with both Medicaid and Medicare to enroll in a managed long term care plan. Once federal approval is received, this requirement will also apply to those who are new to service.

By attending the workshop, providers will be better able to inform their clients about this change in the Medicaid program.  Medicaid Choice staff will present an overview of the managed long term care enrollment program and will cover key points including:   

  • Who is required to join a plan and how consumers are notified
  • Services provided by managed long term care plans

  • Differences in available long term care plans
  • New York Medicaid Choice enrollment and customer assistance services

Workshops will be conducted by Medicaid Choice outreach specialists at the provider's location. For further information and to schedule a workshop, call Luz Martinez or Massiel Triana at 917-228-5600. 

New York Medicaid Choice is a state program that provides managed care education, enrollment and customer assistance services to Medicaid and Family Health Plus recipients.  As part of its outreach services, New York Medicaid Choice partners with local community-based organizations, sponsors community events and offers informational workshops to health care providers, social service agencies and community organizations.


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