Making Changes

How and when you can make changes while you are in a Health Plan or Long Term Care Plan

Health Plans

Changing your Primary Care Provider (PCP)

You can change your Primary Care Provider (PCP) if you need to.  To change your PCP, call your Health Plan.

Changing health plans

(The following does not apply to Long Term Care Plans)

In most New York State counties, you have the choice of two or more health plans to choose from. You can change your health plan at any time during your first 90 days in a new plan. You can also change plans after your first full year in a health plan. New York City residents living with HIV or who are transgender or qualify as homeless may transfer to an HIV Special Needs Plan at any time.

To change plans, call New York Medicaid Choice. Counselors will assist you in selecting a plan. You can change plans over the phone or TTY. Looking to change plans?  Find a plan near you.  

Long Term Care Plans

Changing Service Providers

Speak to your plan’s Care Manager if you want to make any changes to your services, home care agency or other provider.  

Changing Plans

You may ask to change plans at any time. If you want to change plans, contact the plan you want to join. If you are not sure which Plan you want to select, call New York Medicaid Choice. Our counselors will be glad to assist you.

Your plan must continue to arrange and pay for your services until your new plan takes over. Disenrollment (leaving your current plan) takes place at the end of the month.


Unless you are not required to join a plan, you must be in a plan to receive long term care services in your community. This includes home care, adult day health care and other services. You cannot receive these services outside a plan. If you have questions, call New York Medicaid Choice. 

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