Who Does Not Have to Join a MLTC Plan

See a complete list of who does not have to join a Long Term Care Plan.  

The following people are not required to join a Long Term Care Plan. They may join a plan if they want:

  • American Indian/Alaskan Native
  • Adults age 18–20 who need more than 120 days of community-based long term care
  • Adults who are nursing home eligible and enrolled in the Medicaid Program for the working disabled.

People receiving the following services cannot join a Long Term Care Plan. In some cases, you may leave your program to join a plan.

  • People enrolled in an Assisted Living Program
  • People enrolled in the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or the Nursing Home Transition & Diversion programs
  • People receiving hospice services or who are residents of a psychiatric or residential care facility or nursing home
  • People who have a developmental disability and receiving care in a facility, in the community or through a waiver program. 
  • People who live in Family Care Homes licensed by the Office of Mental Health
  • Residents of alcohol and drug abuse residential treatment programs
  • People who have Medicaid eligibility only for tuberculosis-related services
  • People who are uninsured and receiving breast and cervical cancer services and those who are under age 65 and eligible for the early detection program
  • People who have Medicaid eligibility only for breast and cervical cancer services
  • People who are eligible for family planning expansion program
  • People with less than 6 months of Medicaid eligibility or eligible for emergency Medicaid only

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