CFEEC workshops for health care providers

The Conflict Free Evaluation and Enrollment Center (CFEEC) is a statewide resource for new applicants of Medicaid home and community-based long term care services. The CFEEC provides independent evaluations to determine if an applicant is eligible for services.  

CFEEC representatives are available for online or in-person CFEEC presentations to health care providers. Physicians, hospital and nursing home staff may also contact their local CFEEC representative for information and assistance.

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Health care providers will learn about the evaluation tool and the eligibility criteria for Medicaid long term care services.  CFEEC staff will also answer any specific questions you may have about CFEEC evaluations.

Medicaid long term care
Medicaid home and community based long term care is a range of services and supports that help the elderly and individuals with disabilities to live safely in their own homes. Over 65 percent of CFEEC applicants are 70 years of age or older.

To schedule a CFEEC workshop or to speak to your local CFEEC representative, please call:
(917) 228-9272 or (917) 228-9215.

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